Do Grass Clippings Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents?

Posted: May 7, 2020

grass clippings motorcycle accidentsIt’s no secret that motorcyclists face certain risks on the road. From other motor vehicles to animals crossing the road, motorcyclists can be put in precarious situations while traveling the roadways. One unexpected thing that could cause motorcycle accidents is grass clippings on the road.

How can Grass Clippings Affect a Motorcyclist?

Motorcycles generally only have two tires, and in order to stay upright, both tires need to maintain contact with the pavement at all times, especially when navigating curves. When debris, such as grass clippings appear on a roadway, they  can come between the motorcycle’s tire and the road, reducing traction and causing the driver to lose control of the motorcycle.

If a motorcyclist is unable to avoid the clippings by slowing down or switching lanes, it could lead to a motorcycle accident.

Homeowners and landscapers can work to make sure grass or any lawn clippings are not ending up in the street. According to New York State law, it is illegal to place any injurious substance on the road that can lead to an accident. If grass clippings do end up in the street, homeowners may be legally obligated to remove them as soon as possible.

Many people are not aware of the danger the clippings from their lawn can cause and are often surprised when they find out about the risk it can pose to motorcyclists. One of the ways homeowners and landscapers can avoid placing clippings in the street is by ensuring the lawn mower chute is facing away from the road. This helps reduce the possibility that grass clippings will end up on the street.

There are many uses for grass clippings. They can be used for animal feed, composting, recycling, and raised garden beds. Leaving the clippings on the lawn is also a good way to add a natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer to your lawn.

Awareness is key, as not many people know of the danger grass clippings can pose to motorcyclists. Dangers on the road are pronounced for motorcyclists, who lack a car body to separate themselves from the road. From people texting and not paying attention, to reckless and/or speeding drivers and grass clippings on the road, motorcyclists have a lot to keep a lookout for potential roadway dangers.

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